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Energy Reduction

SEI Electrical Contractors are here to reduce your energy consumption, saving you money and being environmentally friendly at the same time.

Lighting control

Around 40% of commercial energy bills are used up on lighting. This means that for commercial buildings, energy efficient lighting offers business managers the chance of saving considerable amounts of money. In some cases, your bill can be cut by 50%!

SEI have a strong position in the market for lighting design to both new build, to enable compliance to part L of the building regulations and existing buildings. All models will be based on the customers' requirements and option models can be offered to show the life cycle costs of the designs to not only offer compliance with current regulations for new build, but how additional features can save additional cost on further energy reduction, Enhanced Capital Allowance relief, maintenance benefit and warranty features.

We pride ourselves on not being bound to a single manufacturer and search the market place for solutions to suit your requirements.

Bespoke Solutions

SEI have manufacturer partners who can build solutions to fit a requirement, without the possible need for additional installation costs as with the below case study on a modern sports hall

The building was less than 10 years old with wall mounted 1000w MBFU fittings, as the Ambi-rad heating had the optimum position for the lighting layout to offer the best uniformity. A design was required to improve the existing light level whilst also reducing their energy consumption and maintaining their current wall mounted location. We managed to improve the light level by an average of 65% and reduced their energy by approximately 72% with a payback of 2.6 years utilising bespoke light fittings and new technology complete with intelligent lighting controls.


SEI can demo straight new and existing life cycle and running costs to assist your choice of solution, often schemes with slightly higher capital cost will provide significantly higher returns on running cost. The savings don't just come from raw energy reduction they also come from other savings and benefits from Enhanced Capital Allowance tax relief to operational savings in maintenance.

Siemens Financial Services

Siemens Financial Services have made £550 Million available over the next three years for any business in the UK to invest in technologies to help lower their carbon footprint. As a result it is possible to raise finance or take out leasing agreements to replace your business lighting, install boiler optimization and install renewable technologies that will benefit from the lower running costs that they are designed to provide. Under this scheme we can offer a free site survey, a free design service.

Providing professional and innovative electrical solutions to your Business

Save money and co2

SEI can offer you a wide range of solutions to reduce your electricity and gas consumption.
  • Lighting solutions
  • Heating solutions
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Renewable technologies
  • Boiler optimisation