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Electrical Installations

SEI can offer a wide range of installation services from commercial and industrial lighting, power, data and access control to both door and road ways in the form of automated gates / barriers.

Power Installation

Design and installation of a complete power distribution network to plant and machinery for the manufacturing process. This includes containment in the way of a complete high level tray-work system, sub main distribution, final circuits and some element of control and automation. Office power distribution board and small power to IT equipment within a new dado trunking system. Using natural light to save energy

Office Lighting

The MD Gareth Mobley had a desire to keep the factory as energy efficient as possible to stay in keeping with the theme of the environmental statement of his product range. The outer office lighting was designed to not only switch off in lack of occupancy, but also the intelligent controls constantly monitor the light level dimming the fittings to make use of the natural light.

Factory floor

The existing lighting was inefficient and the desired lighting levels for product manufacture were insufficient. With SEI's design and the implementation of intelligent light fittings with intelligent controls, light levels were not only increased but with the use of intelligent controls the individual light fittings would dim down when no occupancy is detected and also make use of the natural light by dimming to a pre-set level.

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