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CCTV Solutions

For the majority of our CCTV installations we favour Dedicated Micros Products for user friendliness and SECURE remote access. All Dedicated Micros recording devices run on the same platform, "NetVu Observer" which can also integrate DIRECTLY with your Access Control Software to streamline your security.

Dedicated Micros new entry-level DVR, provides low cost multi channel recording with simultaneous playback and viewing. The EcoSense can be accessed and controlled from the state of the art touch sensitive front panel or via a mouse or keyboard, giving the user full access to all the DVRs features including Telemetry control, Alarm and Event Management and Activity Detection.

Touch Sensitive Control Panel

With a state of the art touch sensitive panel, the EcoSense provides instant access to all its control options via its unique front panel interface.

Simultaneous Live Viewing & Recording

The EcoSense offers simultaneous live viewing & recording on all models to allow live monitoring without impacting recorded video.

Colour Coded Menus

The EcoSense includes a unique colour-coded, soft key menu structure and onscreen GUI. Context sensitive, the menu structure always represents the area of the menu that the user is in, allowing them to quickly select the options and settings they need without having to trawl through menu pages and configuration options. The colour coded buttons displayed on the monitor match those on the IR Remote, whilst control can also be conducted through an attached USB Mouse or USB Keyboard.

Design of your System

All our CCTV Systems are designed to meet two criteria. The first and most important is to offer the level of security acceptable by yourself and your insurance provider. Secondly, we believe that your Camera system should also be a management tool to give an archived pictorial view of your business and the activities within it. Be it from a Security, Health & Safety or even a time management angle.

When our Engineers arrive on your site, they will be equipped with a site plan and a full specification of what you and your business hope to achieve. Any amendments or deviations from the spec. can be discussed with our Engineer or Project Manager at any time during your installation.


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